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10 Remarkable Acupressure Points To Treat Tennis Elbow Pain

LI 10 or Arms Three Miles is a popular point of acupuncture for tennis elbow. This point is located on the forearm, approximately 1 inch below the elbow fold. Stimulating this point with fingers can relieve arm pain and immobility of the arm. It also addresses the issue of the shoulder and elbow.

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Tennis Elbow Acupuncture Points: LI10 – Arm Three Li – Shou San Li – located 2 cun below LI11, and used for shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain issues. LI12 – Elbow Bone Hole – Zhou Liao – located on the radial side of the upper arm 1 cun above LI11, and is a local point for pain in the upper arm and elbow.

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Can Acupuncture Help Your Tennis Elbow Heal?

“Acupuncture effectively treats tennis elbow by allowing for a more natural energy (Qi) flow throughout the body.” “In the Traditional Chinese Medical perspective Qi flows through the body along pathways also known as meridians.

10 Important Acupressure Points To Cure Tennis Elbow ...

One of the first acupressure points to cure tennis elbow is known as the large intestine 11. It seems to be highly effective and one of the most common pressure points used. Pool at the crook is another term for this remedy. Pressure would have to be put on both arms using your fingers.

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Ipsilateral acupuncture group and contralateral acupuncture group will receive acupuncture on LI4, TE5, LI10, LI11, LU5, LI12 and two Ashi points. The sham acupuncture group will receive treatment on acupuncture points not related to the lateral epicondylitis using a non-invasive method. The needles will be maintained for 20 minutes.

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Elbow Bone. Large intestine point 12, also called Elbow Bone or Elbow Crevice, sits just above the fold of the elbow. Acupuncturists use this point to relax sinews, relieve numbness and alleviate tennis elbow pain that radiates upward toward the shoulder. Considered a local point, Cleaver uses it to treat pain in the immediate area.

Acupuncture Treatment for Tennis Elbow & Golfers Elbow

Acupuncture Treatment for Tennis Elbow & Golfers Elbow. Tennis elbow is a result of overuse of the common extensor muscle group. The common extensor muscle group is not only excessively used by tennis players, but also computer users, typists, cash register operators, carpenters, and hair stylists. Acupuncture, among other methods, can be successfully used to treat tennis elbow.

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In the acupuncture treatment for tennis elbow, the therapist will insert needles along the forearm, elbow, wrist, and possibly, the feet and legs. Points vary because each treatment is unique. Along with acupuncture, the therapist may suggest physical therapy. Physiotherapy is an excellent additional therapy for tennis elbow.